OUR STAFF - Cristina Chiti - Official Brand - Sciarpe -Scialli - Made in Italy

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Our Staff

Commercial director

Mauro Campaini

Commercial Dept.

Francesca Cammelli

Quality control Dept.

Rossana Mascherini

Warping and Weaving Dept.

Andrea Becchi

Orders and Delivery Dept.

Sara Tempestini

Designers and collections

Cristina Chiti
Alessandro Macchi
Simone Sarri

Sampling Operator

Cinzia Traversi

Amministrazion Dept.

Adamo Atlei


All of Our handcraft workers have high quality standards, long experience and details’ close attention.
The same attention is payed by technical staff, which supports all manufacturing phases to make CRISTINA CHITI’s brand always more 100% made in Italy key player.
Cristina Chiti’s staff

We have an agent for each italian region: you can contact us to get their references.

Commercial director: Mauro Campaini
Designers and collections: Cristina Chiti, Alessandro Macchi e Simone Sarri
Commercial Dept.: Francesca Cammelli
Orders and Delivery Dept.: Barbara Tinghi
Quality control Dept.: Sara Tempestini e Rossana Mascherini
Sampling Operator: Cinzia Traversi
Warping and Weaving Dept.: Andrea Becchi
Amministrazion Dept.: Adamo Atlei

Work in progress Europe, Asia and America

Boutiques and ShowRoom
278 (In Italy)

Staff Members
10 (growing)
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